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The Trollope List is a large and active group devoted to the literature of Victorian author Anthony Trollope, reading and discussing his work in weekly segments, one novel at a time, along with related aspects of Victorian life and culture. The discussion of each novel is capped with a week of examination of Victorian and contemporary criticism of the work. Any matter relating to Anthony Trollope is sure to interest the group. "Trollope Sightings," mentions of Trollope in the media, are frequent asides to the main discussion.

List members are from many countries and represent a variety of engagements with Trollope's work ranging from the casual to the academic. The stimulation of our list derives from the interplay of these diverse points of view. Everyone is welcome to comment and to interact. Newcomers to Trollope and Victorian literature and their questions are welcome.


A subgroup, OtherLit, occasionally breaks off to discuss other writings, such as Conrad's "Secret Agent" and LeCarre's "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" that appeal to Trollope fans but venture far from Trollopiana and the Victorian era.


Founded by Elizabeth Thomsen in January,1994, the list is open to everyone who requests participation. All we ask is that list members engage in the discussion with the same civility and greatness of spirit that Anthony Trollope expressed in his writing. 

The Trollope list is a cooperative effort by its members, so please feel free to offer comments and suggestions on any aspect of its administration.


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